Australia offers an outstanding higher education system. The country has a strong economy, outstanding infrastructure, and an exceptional education system. The statutory agencies efficiently observe the education system to assure quality education is imparted at all times; similarly, the Government vigorously promotes promising education initiatives. As a result, the Universities in Australia are positively regarded and have garnered Global honor. Some of the most aspired Universities here are the University of Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Australian National University, and the Queensland University of Technology.

A student visa in Australia is a provisional visa that allows you to stay in the country for a specified duration to study at a determined Australian educational institution. It is likely to extend your student visa. However, you will have to accommodate a new visa application for your visa lengthening before the expiry of your current visa.

Australia offers a broad range of various study options for international students, with more than 22,000 courses and over 1,200 establishments to choose from. Australia’s laws promote quality teaching and adequate safeguard for international students irrespective of their studying and the course duration. As a global student with a student visa, you must learn with a specified organization and in a course on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). CRICOS enrollment ensures that the course and the organization you study in meet the standards (high) as foreseen by international students.

To study in the country, a candidate must apply for admission to an authorized institution and a student visa application to the Department. Hence, the candidate must meet a range of entry conditions for their institution application and their visa application.

Every year a vast number of students worldwide choose Australia as their goal for study. While many returns to their home country after finishing their education, others wish to resume living in the country. Living in a new country is invariably a unique experience accompanied by numerous challenges. Still, in Australia, one can find support benefits in their institution and other organizations to adjust to life more conveniently.

But before calling Australia home, the individual student must successfully apply for endless residence. Qualified student visa holders may apply for a permanent residence visa as several endless pathways are open for global students. Which one is suitable for you will be defined by several elements such as your English speaking ability, qualification you have received, employment history, and various other provisions as per the visa classifications.

Subclass 500 Student Visa: This visa is structured to allow international students to experience a full-time education or training course. This visa allows global students to stay in the country for their appropriate course duration. Further, the global students must register or secure a letter of offer from an authorized Australian schooling provider before lodging a visa application form under subclass 500. You can also obtain your family unit members to visit with you on your student visa.

Students can apply to two or more studies against their subclass 500 visa. However, there must be a straightforward progression from one course to another. This is comprehended as course packaging. The applicant’s final study as part of their package of courses is their primary (or principal) method of study. The main course of reflection will be used as a command to determine the applicant’s financial and English language evidentiary requirements.

The prospect must prove their true intent to temporarily stay in the country for embarking on a course or training and have the true objective of returning to their homeland after studying in Australia.

The present cost of a student visa in Australia is AUD620/- (unless exempted); extra charges may involve other applicants or following entrants. The application might not be entertained if the visa application charge is not produced in full.

The nominees and their home members must carry adequate health insurance for the whole of their stay in the country. Contact our visa consultants/ immigration agencies to choose the length of coverage you will require. Sometimes, the Department may request overseas pupil health coverage from authorized Australian health insurance.

Following are the prospects who do not need overseas student health scope

  • a Norwegian scholar covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme
  • a Swedish pupil covered by Kammarkollegiet
  • a Belgian scholar covered under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia

A student visa may varies from individual to individual based on their profile and visa requirements. We understand it takes a reasonable amount of time to fill out your application form and arrange all the relevant documentary evidence per the visa requirements. Contact our visa consultants/ immigration agents for fast and thriving submission of your visa application form. A candidate can apply for a student from inside and outside the country. The student visa holders can also embark on part-time or full-time work in the country as per their visa conditions. However, if you wish to stay further on a student visa, you must involve in a new visa as it is not permitted to grow your student visa beneath Australian migration law.

Before concluding which one will work best for you, many factors are to be considered. It is also worth recalling that Australian visa regulations frequently change with time. To make sure that you have the finest chance at guaranteeing a student or permanent visa, we recommend that you use the services of our experienced, skilled visa consultants/ immigration agents. 

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